Friday, January 9, 2009

Another Angry Bear + Happy Pup

I overlapped two more study sketches from yesterday. These are turning out to be really eye opening experiences.

This one turned out to be fairly close, but still lacks the appeal of the original drawing. Once again, I screwed up on the ears. The right one is about the correct size, but his left ear needs to be much larger because of perspective. The nose is too small and the snout is slightly elongated. The mouth should stretched open a bit more. Lastly, his right eye should be larger to push the three-dimensionality and the eyebrow should come up more.

The line of action on this happy puppy is correct, but unfortunately the tilt of the head is way off. His front left foot should be bigger which is yet another perspective mistake. The body is generally too thin, especially the chest, which should come out more and connect closer to the head. The back leg is spot on.

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