Thursday, January 15, 2009

Victorious Rabbit

Here is another Preston Blair study sketch overlapped with the original to show my mistakes (and a couple things I actually got right). Upper torso is nearly spot-on. However, the lower body and tail are too small, especially on his right side. The tail is also skewed. The left foot is too small and the angle is off. The right foot, though, is very close except is needs to be slightly more elongated. Face-wise, his teeth are too small but everything else is fairly close. Arms and hands are also very close to the original, but his right hand should be a little bit bigger. Right leg should be thicker.

Some quick hand sketches from the cover of Blair's Cartoon Animation:

Lastly, a quick sketch of the Pip Boy from Fallout 3:


Anna Rebecca Schmidt said...

ahhh, so this is where you got your awesome drawing skills from!

Casey Richardson said...

I wouldn't say they are awesome, but I have a previous post about Preston Blair's incredible Cartoon Animation book.

Illusion of Life, Cartoon Animation and The Animator's Survival Kit are all essential for animators.

Anonymous said...

im using ur vault boy draw as a avatar it's amazing